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AC Duct Services


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AC Duct Services



AC Duct Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Repair

When it comes to AC ducts, you should always try to have them inspected by a licensed HVAC contractor for leaks once a year. Attempting to tackle these kinds of repair jobs by yourself can unintentionally create other issues in your ductwork. We here at Crystal Clear Water are here to provide you with top-of-the-line AC duct cleaning, sanitizing, and repair with our licensed technicians.

Our licensed technicians come prepared with experience and knowledge to help them spot potential problems before they may occur. Here at Crystal Clear Water, we offer duct sealing, repair, and insulation to help your AC system be as optimized as possible.


Cool & Clean Ductwork

Having clean ductwork is important so that not only do you keep out lurking allergens, dust mites, and mold, but it also keeps your energy bill from increasing. When there’s a leak in your duct system it will cause your AC system to work harder. A surefire way to prevent this is to keep your ductwork clean.


Duct Cleaning Services

Without proper cleaning, air duct systems can become clogged up with a combination of various particles. Pet dander, mold, allergens, and dust can all cause the residents and their families to become sick or have their allergies flare-up. We here at Crystal Clear Water are able to clean these air ducts up properly with the use of the BrushBeast; Its long and narrow design allows us to clean the vents even deeper for the maximum benefit of the removal of dirt and any debris.

We here at Crystal Clear are here to provide you a reliable, professional service with our licensed and experienced professionals.

Duct Sanitization

In order to keep you and your family safe from mold, dirt, and bacteria it is important to have your ducts cleaned. Keeping them sanitized, disinfected, and cleaned often helps promote good health and reduces viruses present in your home. While the three seem similar they actually have distinct differences when it comes to maintaining your air duct’s cleanliness. The cleaners that we use are able to remove all of the bacteria that may be lingering within your air ducts.

Crystal Clear Water’s method of cleaning these air ducts is done with an aerosol spray throughout the entire system. This ensures that each part of the air duct system is coated with the cleaner so that any dust or debris is cleaned away. When it comes to sanitizing your air duct system we use a product that is commonly used in hospitals. Doing so allows us to sanitize an air duct system while providing a safe, fragrance-free cleaner for homes. Our cleaning method also allows us to work on standard air ducts and ductless systems.

While sanitization of your air duct system is not always necessary after every cleaning, it is good to have it sanitized if you have:

  • Pets that shed
  • A foul odor in your air
  • Health issues

When your air duct system is sanitized it should last for about six months. Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable in disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitizing air ducts. We guarantee that each technician we have is experienced and well skilled in taking care of AC duct systems. In order to keep your household healthy, you should get your air vents cleaned, and we here at Crystal Clear Water guarantee you top-of-the-line service!