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Air Purification

Platinum Carbon Air Purifier


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Platinum Carbon Air Purifier

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On a hot day outside, what is the condition of the air inside your home like? Is there dust build-up? Do family have allergies acting up in your own living room?

The air quality in and throughout different rooms in your house can shift with the time of year. As a result of this, air quality shift there can be possible negative consequences to your health and well-being.

The average human drinks less than a gallon of water a day but, in comparison, breathes thousands of gallons of air! If we care about the water we drink, it is of the utmost importance that we care about the air we breathe!

Crystal Clear Water offers many services to serve you and your home!

Services include but are not limited to: indoor air quality testing, a drain line vacuum, and checking the vents/ducts for contaminants. When Crystal Clear Water installs or fixes anything, we go through an extensive checklist to best treat you and your home well.

The standard is and always has been maintaining high air quality in your home no matter the situation. We will make sure that your vents, ducts, and unit(s) are sanitary and sealed; this is vitally important to maintaining the best possible air quality in your home.

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Platinum IAQ

Indoor Air Quality is a critical factor for the health of your family. According to the EPA indoor air is often five times more polluted than outdoor air! Platinum IAQ products improve indoor air quality throughout your home or office by cleaning the air as it passes through the central air (HVAC) system. Platinum IAQ products also improve the efficiency and longevity of your air system by keeping it clean and free of mold. Platinum IAQ systems carry a full warranty when purchased & installed through an authorized installer. Products sold on-line are not covered by any warranty or technical support.


Duct or magnet mount
Easy to install
Lifetime carbon cells
Lifetime warranty


Whole-house air purification
Neutralizes odors & toxic VOCs
Fights mold, bacteria, & viruses
Improves indoor air quality
Inhibits HVAC mold growth

Platinum Carbon


Platinum Carbon Improves indoor air quality by reducing airborne biological and odor-causing (and potentially toxic) VOC contaminants. Platinum Carbon technology is the culmination of decades of research culminating in scientific advances including germicidal ultraviolet light, photocatalytic oxidation and antimicrobial nanotechnology.

Nearly all odors are caused by volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Many VOCs , such as formaldehyde and toluene are also toxic. Platinum Carbon neutralizes VOCs in a process similar to the way the catalytic converter in your car works. When VOCs are neutralized the odors are destroyed and the hydrocarbon molecules that cause them are reduced to harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Because the UV-C light in Platinum Carbon is positioned where it is, it can also disinfect the coils, air system interior, and air

Platinum UV

Platinum UV keeps your AC coils free of mold and improves indoor air quality throughout the home. Mold on cooling coils robs the air system of efficiency by clogging up the hundreds of fine metal plates that make up the coils. Platinum UV uses germicidal UV-C light to sterilize mold and other microbes.

The result is a significantly improved air system efficiency and longevity. Platinum UV also kills germs, bacteria, viruses, and allergens in the air as it passes through the air system resulting in healthier indoor air for your family. There are several models to choose from, your HVAC contractor will help you select the right one.

Platinum Dual

Platinum Dual combines the odor and VOC neutralizing capabilities of Platinum Carbon with a second Platinum UV light (usually mounted at the coil) for comprehensive indoor air quality enhancement.

Since both units are powered by the same advanced electronic power supply the Platinum Dual system is more cost-effective than purchasing the two systems separately.

Technical Data

Platinum Carbon utilizes proprietary UV-reactive carbon cells to disinfect the air and neutralize odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the indoor air. The system uses specially prepared adsorption media to capture VOCs, then, with the help of a 254 nm germicidal UV-C lamp, the captured constituents are neutralized through an innovative reaction process which breaks them down into elemental carbon dioxide and water vapor.

The monolithic carbon cells in Platinum Carbon are regenerative. Under normal operation it requires no maintenance and does not need to be replaced.  Additionally, the UV-C light in Platinum Carbon disinfects the moving air stream reducing airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses. The UV light also reduces any build up of mold within the air handler and ducts.

Platinum Carbon Mounts

Duct Mount RT
(for smaller units)

Duct Mount 

Magnet Mount 15

Magnet Mount 11

Duct Mount Dual
(In Air Handler)

Magnet Mount
(In Package Unit)

Duct Mount
(In Furnace)