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CALL 24/7  (239) 599-8873

CALL 24/7
(239) 599-8873

Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

GenSun 2000 Outdoor Whole House RO System

Capacity:  140 Gallons

RO Production: 1200 GPD

Plus Installation

Warranty – Limited Lifetime

SALE PRICE:  Call for Pricing

The Generation Water Systems GenSun RO System is a sturdy, professional-quality reverse osmosis system for your entire home. The system uses a multi-step process, where a 5 micron spun polypropylene filter gets rid of particles in your water while the main RO membrane removes contaminants, giving you clean, pure water. Our GenSun systems are proudly made in the USA.


How does the GenPure RO System differ from an ordinary water filter?

Ordinary water filters use a screen to separate only particles of dirt and sediment from the raw water source. Reverse osmosis employs a semi-permeable membrane that removes not only particles but also a very high percentage of dissolved contaminants, molecule by molecule, from your raw water. Your system will deliver pure, refined water consistently to the designated storage tank or water distribution equipment.


What contaminants does reverse osmosis remove?

  • Cryptosporidium
  • THMs (chloroforms)
  • TCE (trichloroethylene)
  • DBCP
  • Lindane
  • Chlorine
  • PCE (tetrachloroethylene)
  • Carbon tetrachloride


How does the GenPure RO System work?

The GenPure RO System first flows water through a 5-micron polypropylene filter so that it can reduce suspended particles. After that, the reverse osmosis membrane then separates what contaminants have been dissolved from the water molecules.

Knowledgable, Helpful and Best Price

Lindsey was so polite, helpful and knowledgeable. Her attitude was so refreshing I thought she was an owner. She knew how to solve the problem. Best part was she offer many solutions at different price points from the cheapest way to repair or go with a new system.
Even had 3 fair priced choices to choose from. Which all three were lower than any other companies I called. Looking forward to my install If a new system in a few days.
~ David Alger

My Search for Improve Water is Over

Over the last three months I have had four different water water purification companies look at my well water system, and the former three all wanted to install a whole new system for prices that would have been a considerable sacrifice for me.

Andrew was by far the most knowledgeable. He took the system apart and recommended an alternative that was not only satisfied my needs, but was also very affordable. This is very rare in our age of the fast sell.

He was polite, friendly, pleasant to talk with, and answered all of my questions with conviction and confidence. Life would be a whole lot simpler and more enjoyable, if every sales rep I had to deal with was like him. After the first 10 minutes, I was convinced that my search for an improved water system was over at a fraction of the cost that the other companies wanted to charge me. I also feel as if I made a friend along the way; I would be happy to work with him anytime in the future. Please make sure he sees my recommendation.
~ Allen Wilson

Great Experience from the beginning

As my system is located in the garage, I need coordination to schedule service calls. I received a scheduling text in advance which worked exactly as was discussed. The technician, Chuck arrived and performed the service work in a courteous, professional and efficient manor. It was a great experience as have all of the service appointments since beginning service with Crystal Clear!
~ Ted Sirko

Profession, Prompt and Affordable!

We have used Crystal Clear Water twice in our Florida homes. They are professional, courteous, prompt and affordable. Their service department is excellent and we only had to use it one time in a five years and the issue was quickly resolved. We spent considerable time comparing water purification companies and are so glad we chose Crystal Clear Water as a vendor of choice!
~ Gary Kuty