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Cape Coral homeowner disputes city water bills

Homeowner examines Cape Coral Utilities after receiving unusually high water bills A Southwest Florida woman called FOX 4 after noticing her water bill kept going up, even when she turned it off for days on end.

She stated every time she called the city, a representative suggested she might have a leak or, somebody must be using her water. FOX 4 also got in touch with the city and was assured a utilities representative would look into it. Gray said the city’s technicians came out to her house and confirmed that she didn’t have a leak. She said she was told, “There has to be something other than a leak here that’s occurring.”

After multiple correspondences with the city, her meter was replaced August 10. Subsequent readings appeared more in line with the meter from Crystal Clear Water. She said the meter was faulty and the city would give her a $5 adjustment on her bill. But she was charged at least six times actual water usage!

Published: September 15, 2021
Author: Suite Edge
Categories : Video - News