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Dual Alternating Sulfur Eliminator


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Dual Alternating Sulfur Eliminator

The Latest Dual Alternating Water Treatment Technology

Your Gen V Dual Alternating Sulfur Eliminator uses the latest proprietary water treatment technology for optimum results and is connected to your plumbing where your water enters your home. All of the water that passes through the system is treated and then distributed throughout your entire house.

Crystal Clear Water will be launching the first ever ” Gen V Dual Alternating Sulfur Eliminator” If you own a sulfur filter anywhere in South Florida, you know that it works awesome in getting the sulfur out of your water. You also know it has it’s daily water usage limitations and you can’t run your water when it is in regeneration. Our Dual Alternating Sulfur Eliminator technology will solve both of these issues.

A Dual Alternating System means when one tank goes into regeneration, the other tank goes online, delivering quality water 24 Hrs a day, without limitations. Secondly, This system doubles the amount water you can use in a single day. For those of you who already have a sulfur filter we can add another tank to your current system and Install our dual gen v valve. You don’t have to buy a brand new system, just upgrade and increase your capacity

If you suspect you may have trouble with your water, Crystal Clear Water will come to your home and perform a simple water test to check for the following: sulfur, iron, hardness, tannins, nitrates, and pH. These tests help determine what alterations need to be made to your existing water system or which water system will be best suited for your home.


  There are unexplained illnesses in the family.
  Your neighbors find a dangerous contaminant in their water.
  You note a change in water taste, odor, color or clarity.
  There is a spill of chemicals or fuels into or near your well.
  When you replace or repair any part of your well system.


  • Never run out of treated water – 24/7/365
  • Keeps your multi media cleaner – regenerates more often
  • Saves your media because it regenerates “precisely” when needed
  • Never worry about setting the time of day – it doesn’t matter
  • Higher flow rates – minimal pressure drop
  • Less maintenance – fewer moving parts


  • Top of the line pro logic cycle control system.
  • Advanced diagnostics.
  • Just two (2) moving parts in the water stream.
  • 24-volt electrical system (uses roughly$3.00 a year In electricity )
  • Full-Flow Tank is the Smartest Tank in the Industry – Higher flow rates, up to 30% less water to drain.
  • 8 Hour battery back up


  • Our Gen V uses an exclusive Multi layered filtration to maximize the removal hydrogen sulfide gas from your water, leaving it odor-free
  • Our exclusive multi layered media will provide you with years of trouble-free service. Our media may require replacement within five years, although its life will vary depending upon the amount of hydrogen sulfide in your water. If you notice a hydrogen sulfide smell in your water, your water conditions may have changed and your system may only require slight adjustment by your local authorized dealer.
  • The Gen 5 Dual Sulfur Eliminator System operates on demand using its two separate filtration tanks. It automatically adjusts to your water usage and will filter more water if necessary (if you have visitors or extra loads of laundry), or stand by and wait if you’re not using any water (if you go away on vacation, for instance). Since your Crystal Clear Water Gen V system operates on demand, it saves you money by cleaning its tanks only when they’ve been used to capacity instead of at a preset time every night like many other systems. When one tank is exhausted, the system automatically switches to the other tank while the depleted tank is being cleaned. The result is maximum efficiency and an uninterrupted, round-the clock supply of water free of smelly hydrogen sulfide.Your Gen 5 Dual Sulfur Eliminator System is enhanced with overdrive service to optimize filtration. Proper maintenance of your system will keep your water free from the offensive smell of hydrogen sulfide.