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Iron Filter System (Chemical Free)


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Crystal Clear’s Chemical Free Iron Filter System

Are you tired of your old fashioned water system?

Tired of spending your hard-earned money on potassium for your iron filter?


Our Birm Iron Filter is a chemical-free method for removing iron. This simple system eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and uses oxygen in the air to oxidize the iron in your water. This oxidized iron is then trapped by the Birm mineral bed and backwashed out during an automatic regeneration.

This powerful iron filtration system will remove up to 12ppm of iron. The Birm Iron Filter not only removes the smell and staining caused by iron-bound well water, it also extends the life of your water softener by eliminating iron build-up on the softener’s resin bed and control valve.  This is the safe, effective and economical iron removal system you’ve been looking for.
The Birm Filter comes in three standard sizes:

The Birm 2510 serves most homes with plumbing up to 1″ and has a flow rate up to 15gpm.

The Birm F7000 High-Flow serves homes with larger plumbing up to 1-1/2″ and has a flow rate up to 35gpm.

The Birm F7000 High-Flow/High Capacity serves homes with plumbing up to 1-1/2″ and has a flow rate of up to 35gpm and the filtering capacity to not only remove iron from your household water, it has the added capacity to remove the iron from your sprinkler system as well, eliminating the staining of your driveway, sidewalks and house from overspray during watering.


  Removes 12ppm of iron
  Reduce Turbidity
  Solid-state microprocessor control
  Advanced history and diagnostic screens
  Low cost operation