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Ozone Sulfur Filter Systems


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Ozone Sulfur Filters

The Industry’s BEST Sulfur Filter + Ozone Eliminator

Our industry-leading Generation 5 sulfur eliminator is already more effective than our competitors, removing 30 ppm of sulfur instead of only 10 ppm. Now with our Ozone Filter Kit, your sulfur filter can get rid of sulfur in a more powerful way and last 10 times longer.

The Modern Solution for Hydrogen Sulfide

Our ozone water treatment systems use the power of ozone to help eliminate sulfur and bacteria, preventing buildup from fouling up your filter media and keeping your water clean and fresh without requiring harsh chemicals. Ozone treatment systems are available as a new unit or as an upgrade to your existing compatible unit.


Get Rid Of Gunk

Sulfur filtration systems end up with sulfur or bacteria deposits that lead to filter media failure, usually within years. These grow in the baskets and tanks of your system. With our ozone generator, bacteria are killed before they have a chance to grow in your water system, leading to clean and longer-lasting equipment.

Ozone kills bacteria without requiring the use of dangerous or expensive chemicals, and turns back into the same oxygen we breathe quickly after doing its job. This is environmentally safe and produces no chemicals.

Sulfur buildup on a water treatment unit
Bacterial buildup on a water system filter
A buildup of bacteria on a water treatment unit part

How To Remove Sulfur From Your Water

Hydrogen sulfide, sometimes just called sulfur, is a smelly substance that exists in many places in nature. One of these places is in groundwater, and it is also produced by some kinds of bacteria that can be found in wells. Normally, this sulfur is removed by passing air through the filter media, oxidizing the sulfur so it turns into a solid that can be filtered out. Our Ozone Generator Kit adds another step, where the air is passed through an electrical current first. This creates ozone, which is a much better oxidizer than regular air and makes the sulfur much easier to filter.

We have decades of know-how in eliminating sulfur from your water here at Crystal Clear Water. We can use this experience to help you choose the best water filtration system for your needs. For whole-house sulfur elimination, a powerful option is oxidation then carbon filtration. With ozone, it acts as a powerful oxidizer but turns back into regular oxygen quickly. This means it won’t leave any byproducts, making it a safe but very effective choice.

  What is Sulfur?

Sulfur is a naturally-occurring substance with a very distinct odor, which smells like rotten eggs, that exists in many different forms. It can be found in lots of places on earth. Sulfur usually exists in water as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which is also a major component of sewer gas. Water with lots of sulfur can be described as smelling like a sewer.

Sulfur Filter System


Reverse osmosis filters or granulated activated carbon filters can eliminate small amounts of sulfur from drinking water, but neither is effective enough on its own. Some filters use poisonous chemicals, such as Chlorine or even potassium permanganate, but these need extra care to be removed from your drinking water.

Other filters aerate the water, spraying it into a fine mist that releases volatile gasses. While this can remove hydrogen sulfide, it is more effective for other gasses, like radon, methane, and carbon dioxide. This method isn’t recommended for sulfur removal since it’s not a very effective way of eliminating sulfur.

Sulfur Eliminator System

Sulfur gets into water through a couple ways. One of its forms, hydrogen sulfide, is made by decaying plant matter underground, which gets dissolved in groundwater. Wells near oil fields or coal deposits, or in areas with lots of shale or sandstone can commonly encounter this gas. Most is produced by sulfur-feeding bacteria in low-oxygen environments, such as in wells.


The Crystal Clear Water Sulfur Whole House Filter With Ozone:

  • Eliminates the sulfurous rotten-egg smell.
  • Prevents the buildup of bacteria and sulfur, keeping your system clear.
  • Helps your system last 10x longer.
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide and iron in your water.*
  • Reduces rust stains on sinks, fixtures, dishes, and clothes. 
  • Control your filter from anywhere in the house with the optional remote display. 
  • Optional automatic service notifications on the valve

Sulfur Filtration

Reduce water odors at the source.

Use better-smelling and better-tasting water throughout your home with the advanced filtration process in the Sulfur Filter eliminator Whole House Filter. Expertly designed to reduce odor through the oxidization of hydrogen sulfide in water, the Gen 5 sulfur eliminator treats some of the most common causes of home water odors.


Sulfur Eliminator System With Ozone:

  • Utilizing ozone rather than regular air injection makes the process of oxidizing hydrogen sulfide and dissolved iron even more effective. 
  • Compressor on/off times adjustable to raw water characteristics.
  • Automatic bypass valve provides the convenience of bypassing the water filter from the filter itself or the remote display.
  • Flowmeter monitors daily water use and provides advanced system diagnostics.
  • The easy-to-read backlit display with digital clock lets you know your filter is working and warns of system malfunctions.
  • System will alert you when it needs service.
  • Exclusive non-corrosive, one-inch valve. The motorized pistons are ideal for problem water and provide more reliability than rotary valve systems.
  • Optional Media tank with limited lifetime warranty.***
  • The media in the filter tank acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between the oxygen, iron, and hydrogen sulfide.

Reduce unpleasant smells and tastes associated with contaminated water. *Fewer Odors

Water with less hydrogen sulfide smells cleaner, eliminating the rotten-egg smell that can result from higher concentrations. Low Maintenance.

Learn more about how chemical additives can affect the water in your state. Your local Crystal Clear Dealer can recommend the right water filtration solution for you.

Automatic service notifications alert you when your filter needs servicing.