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RO Replacement Filters




Filter Set


  Pre-Filter Set 10″ Stage 1,2, & 3 bundled 
For all under-counter RO systems. For RO-45, RO-90, RO-PERM and RO-Pump models
Change at least annually.


  1st stage Sediment Filter 10″
5 micron high capacity Polypropylene NSF
For RO-45, RO-90, RO-PERM and RO-Pump models.


  2nd or 3rd stage Carbon Filter 10″
5 micron MatriKX extruded carbon block NSF
Extruded carbon block filter to remove chlorine, taste & odor, fast flow rate.


  4th stage Reverse Osmosis Membrane 36/45 GPD
Filmtec FDA high rejection
Suitable for RO-45 and RO-Pump models.


  MEM-90 4th stage Reverse Osmosis Membrane 75/90 GPD
Filmtec FDA high rejection
For RO-90, RO-PERM, and RO-CTOP models.


 5th stage TCR Carbon Filter – Standard
T33 Omnipure Total Polishing 1/4″ standard threaded output. NSF certified 
For RO-45, RO-90, RO-PERM models.


  5th stage TCR Carbon Filter Quick-Connect
K2533 Omnipure Total Polishing 1/4″ Quick – Connect input/output. NSF certified.
For RO-CTOP and RO-PUMP model.


  5th stage TCR Carbon Filter- 3/8″ output
For systems with 3/8 outputs only.
K2533 Big 3/8″ Quick-Connect input/output, Omnipure Total Polishing. NSF certified.


  Countertop RO: 1st stage Sediment Filter
K2505 Quick-Connect type Omnipure NSF
Replaces CL10PF5

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