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CALL 24/7  (239) 599-8873

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Salt N’ Service


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Crystal Clear’s Salt N’ Service Program

Monthly Salt Delivery & Inspection


Crystal Clear Water Softener Salt Delivery

Never lug another bag of salt! Crystal Clear has a salt delivery service that meets everyone’s needs for salt. Never run out of salt using our convenient delivery schedules, which fit your family’s needs. No one knows your unit like the professionals. We will deliver and put the salt into your softener for one price.

You do not have to own or rent one of our water systems in order to take advantage of our salt delivery service. We deliver salt to all types and brands of water softeners.

  Solar Extra Coarse Water Softener Salt.
  Solar Cubes Water Softener Salt.

Crystal Clear Salt N’ Service Program

Leave the maintenance of your home water softener to us, with our Salt N’ Service program. We will deliver salt right into your home and into your water softener. We’ll work with you to determine a convenient delivery schedule, and we’ll even perform a 10-point inspection of your water softener during each visit.

What you can expect

  Convenience – No more lugging and lifting heavy bags.
  Dependability – Planned deliveries that fit your schedule.
  Trust – No one knows your equipment like your Crystal Clear Water Dealer.
  Confidence – 10-point inspection with every delivery.

Crystal Clear Salt delivery program makes it easy to have great tasting, high-quality water every day of the year.

Crystal Clear will deliver salt right to your home and fill your softener tank on a schedule designed to meet your family’s needs. You won’t have to remember to buy salt, and you won’t have to lug heavy bags home from the store.

In addition, Crystal Clear will perform a FREE 10-point inspection of your water softener. With each delivery, our trained water specialists examine the various components of your softener, making sure your system is functioning as correctly and efficiently as possible.

Enjoying soft, clean water just got a whole lot easier!