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CALL 24/7  (239) 599-8873

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Well Services


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Well Services


Why Crystal Clear Water Purification?

Count on Crystal Clear Water Purification and Pump repair in Ft. Myers for pump repair and water treatment solutions.  If you have any problems with your well pump, you should have it professionally looked at before the problem becomes more severe.  Homeowners have found that a professional water treatment specialist is best instead of a plumber.  Many jobs may seem easy, but when you start doing the actual work, you will find out that things are a little more complicated than what you had thought.  If this happens, it is never too late to call for help before the problem becomes bigger and more costly.  We offer:

 24 Hour Emergency Service
 Fully Stocked Trucks to Provide you with a Solution Right Away
  More than 40 Years of Experience
  Lowest Price Guarantee
  Local and Family Operated Business
  Explanations on all Available Options for Repairs or Installations
  5 Year Warranty on all Pump Repair Services


Well Repair and Pump Replacement

If you have a problem with a well pump, you need to know if your well pump is three-phase or single-phase and the voltage of the well pump.  This information beforehand will save both time and money.  There are varying types of well pump problems:


  Well Pump Detachment
  Bad Well Pump
  Bad Well Pump Check Valve
  Bad Pressure Tank
  No Electric to the Well Pump
  Bad Wet End
  Not Enough Water Pressure
  A Pump that runs too much
  A Pump that runs, but does not Supply any Water
  A Bad Pressure Switch
  Pulsating Water on Delivery

Well Drilling, Replacement, and Sanitation

A properly installed well can save you money on your water bill in addition to providing better drinking water. Our experts are proficient at precision drilling and do all the work for you!  We offer a variety of well drilling, replacement and sanitation:


  Production Wells
  Injection Wells
  Exploratory Test Borings
  Monitoring Wells
  Test Wells
  Well Sitting
  Hydrogeological Studies
  Pumping Tests
  Well Abandonment