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Over 80% of the World’s Tap Water Has Plastic In It
Is your tap water clean

A recent study has shown that 83% of all the worlds tap water contains microscopic plastic fibers in it. I know what you are thinking, that must be third world nations that don’t have quality standards like the US does. Well, in fact, the same study revealed that 94% of of all water samples in the USA contained these same microscopic plastic fibers. Even samples from the EPA offices contained them.

These plastic fibers enter the water supply in many different ways from being part of large plastic items that have been grounded and sheared away, to being from tire dust that gets taken from roadways in storm runoff. With bout 300 million tons of new plastic being produced annually, it is easy to see how this problem is only going to get worse.

When minerals contaminate our water supply, the build up from them clogs our appliances and stains our sinks and tubs. When metals like iron contaminate our water, we see rust stains on our sidewalks and exterior walls. When bacteria contaminates our water, we get sick. But no one is really sure what type of effect these microscopic plastics will have on us, or our bodies, as studies on this have yet to be done. However, I am sure the effects of constant ingestion of plastic can not be good. I mean, plastic in my car, or TV, or phone is good. Plastic in my body… not so much.

How Do You Make Your Tap Water Safe?

clean tap waterWe all want to know that the water coming from our tap is not only safe to drink, but great tasting as well. The best way to do that is by installing a water filtration system. Some people worry that a water filtration system is expensive, but when you compare it to buying bottled water for your whole family, week after week, month after month, the prices are very reasonable. There are also several different types of water filtration systems that you can get for your home that vary in price. If a whole house filtration system is out of your budget, then you could try an under the sink filtration system. Sure, it won’t protect your appliances and faucets, but at least your tap water will be clean and great tasting.

There are many different types of filtration systems to choose from, so the first thing you should do before choosing is to have your homes water tested. That way you can see if one type or another filtration system may be better suited to your specific water needs. (Why get a water softener if you don’t have hard water?)

In southwest Florida, Crystal Clear is the largest water treatment company. Our team can test your water, go over water treatment options with you, and get the best system for your needs and budget installed. We also offer service packages, emergency assistance, and supply deliveries. Whatever your water needs in Southwest Florida, Crystal Clear can help, just give us a call!

Published: September 29, 2017
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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