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Are Your Babies Affected by Your Water?

Are Your Babies Affected by Your Water?

Hard water in the home can carry hundreds of microscopic contaminants. There are excess amounts of hard minerals in the water used to bathe and nourish children. You can imagine most parents become concerned about their children’s unexplained health conditions. These harsh water contaminants can damage the body inside and out. Some of these water contaminants become more harmful to the body when exposed during critical developmental stages.

Babies and children have newly developed skin that is more sensitive when exposed to new elements or chemicals. When we bathe our children and rashes occur, such as eczema, hard water may be the catalyst for this reaction. Hard water is known to increase the risk of eczema in infants by 87%. Skin conditions are only the start of hard water damage to your children’s bodies. From kidney damage to neurological concerns, hard water may the answer to your children’s health problems. 


For bottle-fed infants, tap water is rarely a choice for use in bottles. This standard is due to the level of contaminants in most home water systems that can cause damage to new and developing infants. The excess calcium and magnesium can cause infants kidneys to become damaged. The water used in formula bottles add up to around 85% of a baby’s diet for the first six months before food begins.

With minerals, sediment, and chemicals found in hard water, the list of possible health conditions to derive from this exposure at a young age is extensive. Cancer, hormone disruption, congenital disabilities, and nervous system conditions are just a few of the known consequences linked to hard water exposure.  The following water contaminants found in hard tap water can affect your child’s development now as well as follow them into adulthood.


Infants and young children have sensitive skin in comparison to most adults. This barrier to the outside world takes the brunt of exposures to the elements but is the most vulnerable area to most children. The harsh minerals and varying pH levels of hard water against their delicate skin are commonly known to cause rashes and other skin conditions. While hard water has not been clinically proven to cause eczema, it has been considered a serious factor in the development of the disease. After bathing your little one in hard water, the microscopic residue left behind on their skin can cause dryness, which may exacerbate eczema symptoms.

Teeth and Gums

The use of fluoride has been a highly debated topic over the years. The arguments have been as to whether fluoride is beneficial or harmful to the human body. Studies have found that topical treatments of fluoride at the dentist is the only instance in which fluoride is beneficial. Ingesting fluoride has been shown to damage teeth and cause dental fluorosis in babies. Dental Fluorosis appears as white spots on the infant’s teeth as they come in. This information proves fluoride intake through drinking water can damage your child’s teeth before they erupt through the gum line. Due to this factor, the Environmental Protection Group recommends using fluoride-free water for babies that are on a formula-fed diet.


Solutions to Protect Your Little Ones

Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems available at Crystal Clear Water remove 99% of all contaminants from your water. Removing harmful pollutants such as lead and nitrates will keep your little ones healthier and happier with pure water from Crystal Clear. Under the sink and whole-house options are available for our Reverse Osmosis systems. Utilize our Reverse Osmosis Whole House system with our economic water softener system to protect your house and your loved ones from the harm of hard water.  

Published: December 3, 2019
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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