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Choosing the Best Water Filtration System For A SWFL Home

Water is a basic human need, and when water gets polluted, it is not only catastrophic to the environment but the human health as well. Tens of millions of people worldwide lose their lives every year due to water-related ailments, the majority of which can be prevented easily. Due to this reason, having your water tested on a regular basis for bacteria and nitrates is very important since some problems are not detectable by color or smell. Some of the benefits of having the water tested include human health, plants, crop and nursery health, animal health, protecting equipment and pipes as well as avoiding outbreaks in pools and spas.

Approximately 90% of Florida residents have groundwater as their source of drinking water. Florida’s ambient monitoring network states that the water is generally of good quality. However, potential sources of the contamination of groundwater in Florida are numerous especially from agricultural chemicals, animal wastes, salt water and more. In Southwest Florida, whether the water comes from wells or public water systems, the quality of the drinking water can be a huge concern. It is for this reason that a lot of people in Southwest Florida are turning to plumbing nerds for installation of water filtration systems in their homes.

Having a professional water filter installation in the homes is very important. This system has various benefits which include health and safety for the family. The other benefits include:

• Removal of lead and other contaminants which are one of the biggest dangers in the contaminated water.

• Removal of toxins which when consumed at high levels it leads to health problems.

• It saves money. While it could be true that bottled water is relatively safe, they can be expensive in the long run compared to paying water bill on a monthly basis. It is also cheap to maintain a water filtration system since the majority of the systems in the market is specially designed to function without electricity. Once the water filtration system is installed, there is no need to worry about additional costs.

When choosing the best water filtration system for a home in Southwest Florida, residents can adopt these four recommended simple tips:

1. Get your water tested by a professional to find out what is in your water. Testing helps to know exactly what is causing the problems and determine whether there are risks involved that one might not be aware of. Testing can as well involve evaluation of the general condition of the plumbing system to ensure that the water quality issues are not also as a result of disintegrating iron pipes, buildup of sediment, problems with the septic tank or other problems.

2. Having clean water is not a luxury but a necessity, therefore, look for the best water filtration system that you can afford. Also, based on what would be found after the test, the professionals will recommend for you the best type of treatment system for your home that offers the flow rate that you require and at the same is energy efficient and cheap to maintain.

Many residential and commercial Southwest Florida customers prefer reverse osmosis systems because they are very effective in attacking a wide spectrum of contaminants found in Southwest Florida water. There are also whole house systems which are also effective in cleaning and purifying water.

3. Choose a reputable local company with years of experience and commendable services. Read reviews from customers who have received services from those companies.

4. Ensure that they offer you a lifetime warranty plus a price protection guarantee.

Published: May 5, 2017
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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