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Filtered Water Makes All Your Thanksgiving Dishes Taste Better
filtered water make Thanksgiving cooking better

On Thanksgiving day, millions of people will come together with their family and/or friends to celebrate that holiday. The people that have a dinner in their home will probably spend the whole day cooking the turkey and the delicious side dishes. They will focus on all the details from ensuring that there are plenty of marshmallows on the sweet potatoes to the napkins that are on the table. Also, instead of serving tap water as one of the drinks for their guests, they will serve filtered water. Starting off with drinking filtered water, there are quite a few ways that filtered water can make your Thanksgiving festivities better.

Toasting Thanksgiving

Filtered Water makes Thanksgiving taste betterGiving guests filtered water is the best way to use filtered water on Thanksgiving day. One of the reasons for this is that both tap and well water may have a lot of contaminants such as heavy metals, petrochemicals, pesticides, and disinfectants. In very bad cases, they also have pathogens like bacteria, parasites, and viruses in them. Even if the levels of these things are not harmful, the thought of contaminating stuff in the water that people will be drinking and the host will be cooking with is not appealing at all. The guests will want to cleanse their guests with purified water, so it is a good idea to keep a lot of filtered water on hand in the refrigerator. Filtered water also makes great tasting ice. The ice will taste good in the filtered and the guests will love toasting Thanksgiving with terrific tasting filtered water.

Rinsing Off of The Food Residue

For those people who plan to serve a turkey on Thanksgiving day, the first thing that they need to do with the thawed out turkey is to rinse off the outside of the bird as well as the cavity. The goal is to “clean” the turkey and then cover it with the seasonings of choice. People like to season their turkey with sage, thyme, and other herbs, but absolutely not contaminants. Rinsing food off with water that is not purified can change the flavor of food for the worst. Chlorine is the disinfectant that is used mostly in water systems and it either has a bleach or medicine-like taste. This taste can be absorbed into a turkey if unfiltered water is used to rinse it. It can also be absorbed into the fresh fruits and vegetables that will be used in Thanksgiving dishes, therefore filtered water should be used for preparing and cooking food every day, especially when the company is coming over, like on Thanksgiving day.

Boiling Water For Food Preparation and Making Hot Beverages

During the time Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared, they often boil potatoes, pasta, rice and maybe some other food items as well. Filtered water can be helpful during this part of food preparation also. Just like with rinsing the turkey, fruits, and vegetables, boiling the ingredients for side dishes in water that is not filtered will leave that awful aforementioned residue behind. On Thanksgiving day and other days, water is boiled to make tea, coffee, and other hot beverages. In old houses with lead lines or copper pipes with lead solder joints, there could be lead in the drinking water. Time-consuming efforts and precautions must be done to get the lead of water lines. When time is limited and there is a lot to do on Thanksgiving day and really every day, these extra efforts not only are a bother but take up precious time that is not available. Then the dinner host will worry about their guests get a lot of lead in the unfiltered water. For this reason, it is best to boil filtered water, that is free of lead and will not leave the awful aftertaste of lead behind.

People may not realize how important water is when it comes to preparing Thanksgiving dinner and other meals as well. Filtered water is free of contaminants, but it also adds more flavor to the food that you serve on Thanksgiving day. Having a lot of filtered water on hand for cooking and drinking on Thanksgiving day will make your turkey more tasteful, and you will not have to be concerned about the toxins in unfiltered water.

Published: November 18, 2017
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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