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How Good is the Tap Water in Lee County Florida?

The Safe Drinking Water Act requires that Florida Counties release an annual report detailing the quality of water in respective counties. If you live in Southwest Florida, you likely look forward to reviewing the report to determine water quality in your Florida home.

Learn about water quality reports and potential dangers associated with relying solely on those reports on water quality. Discover how to get more reliable results on water quality in your home and important steps you can take to better ensure cleaner, safer water at your Lee County area home.

Understanding Lee County Water Quality Reports

Lee County Utilities (LCU) calls its annual Water Quality Report an “Annual Consumer Confidence Report.” The LCU further explains that it “Regularly” monitors “Your drinking water” to test for contaminants and states that LCU conducts testing from water samples to make sure water in Lee County is safe for human consumption.

However, there is an issue in relying solely on such reports as a determinant of drinking water quality in your home. Have you ever considered how LCU knows for certain that there are no contaminants in the water specifically at your Lee County Florida home? If so, you are right to have concerns. A major reason for concern is the fact that county water supplies are routinely tested at the source, not at individual Southwest Florida homes.

The report information indicates that some contaminants do in fact come from homes. For example, when discussing lead in the 2016 report, LCU explains that while it is responsible for ensuring high-quality drinking water, the LCU “Cannot control the variety of materials used in plumbing components.” Indeed, the report lists the likely source of the 2016 presence of lead and copper contaminants as being partly due to corrosion of household plumbing systems.

Importance of having your water tested

If you want to ensure that you have clean, safe water, have the water quality tested at your Lee County home.

Having your water tested is of utmost importance to help ensure high levels of safety and quality standards of tap water in your home.

Crystal Clear Water provides details about a variety of water problems that potentially affect water in Lee County homes and throughout Southwest Florida. The only way to know if your home has hard water, high levels of contaminants or other impurities is to have the water tested at your Lee County home.

Benefits of installing a water filtration system

There are multiple benefits to installing a water infiltration system in your home. Water filtration systems do much more than simply make your tap water taste better. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that various filtration systems potentially help remove bacteria, protozoa, viruses and other contaminants such as chemicals.

Rely on experienced professionals to test the water in your home. You receive a detailed explanation of any contaminants affecting quality of your water as well as options to best help you provide safer, cleaner water for your family. Remember that counties test at the source, not the water specifically at your home.

Published: April 26, 2017
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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