Why Home Water Filtration Beats Bottled Water
Senior happy about her home water filtration system.

Water is a critical element for life. You require at least 50 liters of safe, clean water to drink and for other home purposes like cooking and showering. You need to have an adequate supply of water every day for your body to work efficiently because about 70% of the human body comprises of water. Having clean water is therefore essential for your health.

Most people nowadays drink water that is treated with chlorine. It may be tap water, bottled water, or water stored in private wells. However, the water may still contain bacteria and chemical contaminants. The safest way to ensure that your water supply is pure and clean is by installing a home water filtration system. You will further realize that installing a water filtration system at your home is cheaper.

To maintain a safe and reliable water source, you will also have to monitor your water quality. Water quality will be determined through regular testing.

Home Water FiltrationWhy testing?

Testing allows an informed approach to solving the specific problems in a water supply. This aids in guaranteeing that your water source is prevented from potential contamination. Furthermore, it ensures that a correct home water filtration system is selected and that is running properly.

Since the quality of water may change with time, monitoring your water quality is thus necessary to ensure the treatment system is operating efficiently to provide clean and safe water for home use.

Benefits of water filtration system

Reduces pollution

In the US, the use of plastic bottles creates a potential environmental problem. Since only a small percentage is recycled, the rest find their way to landfills. Moreover, plastic bottles take time to disintegrate; it becomes an environmental pollution problem in the end. Water filtration system at home reduces the pollution risk since you will not be further filling the landfills with more plastic bottles.

Protects home appliances

Minerals, chemicals, and heavy metals found in water that is unfiltered can cause damage to your home appliances. It can also affect the water piping system. Nevertheless, having a water filtration system at home prevents such damage from occurring thereby reducing any repair bills that may be associated with the damage.

Safe and clean water at any time

Having a water filtration system guarantees that your drinking water is healthy, compared to water from taps or bottled water that normally come from water treatment plants. This unfiltered water may still contain chemical contaminants like lead.

In water treatments plants, the main method when treating water is by adding chlorine and fluorine to the water. Having a water filtration system will remove such chemicals and other impurities that may render your water unsafe for consumption.

Saves costs

The cost of buying bottled water annually and the cost incurred when installing a water filtration system, you will realize that using bottled water costs more. Having a water filtration system ensures you save big.

The safest and simplest solution to your water safety is by having a water filtration system at home. Our company located in Southwest Florida provides you with the best water filtration systems. We have a wide variety of water filtration products that you may choose from. Feel free to give us a call (239) 599-5762.

Published: January 25, 2018
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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