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How to Manually Regenerate a Kinetico Water Softener


How to manually regenerate a Kinetico water softener

Occasionally, you may have to regenerate your Kinetico Water Softener. The only reasoning for needing to do this is if your system runs out of salt. If you do run out of salt, empty your water softener system, clean out any remaining residue, and add new salt. To manually regenerate your Kinetico system, you will need a Phillips screwdriver. Locate the “cap area.” Depending on what year your system is, the cap may be different color or even transparent. Once you locate the cap area, next, you need to find the indicator dot. Pace your Phillips screwdriver on the indicator dot and remember to press down and turn clockwise to the letter B for “Brine.” Once you hear the water go through that drain, you can let go. Repeat regeneration 45 minutes later.

Published: November 15, 2019
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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