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In Southwest Florida Water is Life
Southwest Florida Water

Some people move to Southwest Florida for the weather.  They love the mild winters and think of the summer humidity like a warm hug.  Others come for the value.  Although Southest Florida is not the least expensive place in Florida, compared to many places in the country, it is a value.  But most people come to Southwest Florida for the water.  Whether it is for the fishing, the sailing, or just for the beaches, Southwest Florida is a water lovers paradise. 

The Canals of Cape Coral

It isn’t enough for Cape Coral to be a peninsula on a peninsula.  The City is surrounded by the Caloosahatchee River on one side, and Matlacha Pass on the other (both of which will quickly lead you to the Gulf of Mexico).  Cape Coral also has over 400 miles of canals making the city with the most navigable water ways in the world.  What this means for you is that there is an abundance of waterfront properties in Cape Coral and they can be bought for a reasonable price.  From any one of those waterfront homes, you are a short ride away to the protected lagoons, Caloosahatche River or open waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  There are also mangroves that are great for kayaking and beaches that are great for swimming or just lounging in the sun. 

Then There Is The Rain

Cape Coral Averages about 55 inches of rain per year (comparatively, Los Angeles got about 6 inches of rain last year).  The majority of the rain is in the summer with greater then 40% chance that any given day will have some rain.  (In early August, that is up to a 73% chance).  

The summer is also hurricane season.  Southwest Florida has seen it’s share of bad storms, but in reality, most storms to affect Southwest Florida are just a bad inconvenience.  

But What About The Drinking Water?

People in Southwest Florida get their water from the city, a well, or the store.  Cape Coral and Ft Myers both get their water from aquifers, and then run the water through a reverse osmosis treatment plant.  This basically means that each of these cities use well water (from a very large well) that has been properly treated before being sent through miles of old pipes to your home.  Let’s be honest here, you might want to filter that water again. 

Then there is the well water some people get from small wells on their own property.  If you get your water this way, you may want to try the same filtration system the city uses.  Crystal Clear Water has both whole house and under sink reverse osmosis water filtration systems for your home.  

Lastly, there are the people that buy their water from the store.  Over the years, enough investigative news reports have been around to show us that bottled water is usually just filtered tap water.  There is nothing wrong with filtered tap water, we like it a lot.  However, when you store it in plastic bottles sitting in the Florida heat, the plastic breaks down and you end up with micro-plastic in your water.  Therefore, it is not only cheaper to filter your water at home, it is also better for you.  

Let’s face it, most water is filtered.  Then it has to be transported to you.  You get the cleanest, best tasting water, when the filter is right their on your property.  So call Crystal Clear Water today and let us help you find the water treatment system that is right for your home.  

Published: May 17, 2018
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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