You Need A Water Filtration System Before Rainy Season: Here’s Why
Water Filtration System During Rainy Season

Water Filtration Systems

Stormwater collected from rooftops contains many contaminants ranging from eroded roof materials, plant debris, soil particles, and other impurities that interfere with the quality of stored water. This scenario causes clogging of pumps, blockage of pipes, and valves. Notably, most of this solid contaminants sediment at the bottom of a storage tank. Organic compounds deplete oxygen by decomposing and they form noxious by-products such as hydrogen sulfide that can have adverse effects on human health. To mitigate this problem, we should put a water filtration system in place to purify the water.

ou Need A Water Filtration System Before Rainy Season of the methods that can be effective in the purification of rainwater is the installation of the first-flush diverter. This technique works well in places that experience short rains and extended dry spells. Notably, the system diverts roof water during the first showers and redirects it to the storage system when it is clean. This method cannot be used in areas, which receive rainfall almost throughout the year. Additionally, experts feel that the water should be filtered even after the first flush divert to enhance the quality of the water. At Crystal Clear Water, we offer at least three first flush and integrate the system with nine mechanical filters. The process involves retaining the first runoff water along the length of a capped pipe. After its full a ball shuts the top of the system allowing additional rainfall water to flow to a storage system.

Another method is by use of pot filters. This is the simplest pre-water filters and they come with a flanged plastic tray that is perforated. Above the perforation, a filter pad helps to isolate solid materials from the water. Baskets filters include a filter basket fitted into a plastic body. Water squeezes via the top to the bottom through the filter. Cascade filters are similar to the latter model but allow debris to flow out instead of retaining them. Due to the aforementioned scenario, they require less maintenance. The working principle of these filters is that water cascades over a curve and passes through a multi-level screened filter and exits via a port at the bottom. The last filter is the Vortex filters. Just like the cascade filters, they do not collect debris; therefore, they minimize maintenance costs. Instead of utilizing horizontal filters, they are arraigned in a vertical direction. Water flows through a circumference and they employ capillary action to purify it, then it exits through the bottom. According to the experts, depending on the water intensity there efficiency reaches up to 90%.

Crystal Clear Water has you Covered.

Water is life but can cause water-related maladies such as diarrhea and cholera. It is important to have clean family drinking water. Recent research show Bisphenol A, a compound used to make plastics that pack bottled water slowly leach into the vital commodity. This compound can have detrimental effects on human health. It is in this regard that if you are in South West Florida Crystal Clear Water is the company to contact to purify and test your water. Since 1999, our organization has helped our customers to put up effective water filtration system in place to purify their harvested water. Currently, we have over 25,000 customers who we offer the latter services in South West Florida. At Crystal Clear Water, our objective is to provide clean water at an affordable price. Therefore, if you need to install a water filtration system before the rainy season and you are in South West Florida calls us and you will never regret the decision.

Published: April 25, 2018
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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