Under Sink Filtration, or Whole House Filtration: What is Best for SWFL?
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If you live in southwest Florida, you are probably aware that our tap water isn’t the best water on the planet. It isn’y bad, but a little filtration makes it a lot better. The only question that remains is: should you get a whole house filtration system, or an under the sink filtration system? Let’s look at some of the pro’s and con’s of each system to help you decide.

Under Sink Filtration Provides Clean Drinking Water

Using an under sink filtration system (also known as a POU, or Point of Use system) is an inexpensive solution to have safe, great tasting water fresh from your tap.

If you live in an older home that may have some contamination coming from the pluming within the house, an under sink filtration system will address those issues because the water goes through the filter, and straight to your sinks tap. This means that no matter where there is contamination, whether it be at the waters source, through the miles of old city piping that it takes to get to your home, or from within your home itself, water from a POU system will always be filtered at the tap. (or right under the tap…)

Under Sink Filtration is Less Expensive

Another advantage of an under sink filtration system is that it is less expensive at the point of purchase then a whole house system. An under sink filtration system is smaller, and handles less flow. This reduces the price of the system, and even lowers the price of replacement filters. (However, a whole house system may be cheaper in the long run).

If you want clean, safe water from your kitchen sink without a large out of pocket expense up front, an under sink filtration system might be for you.

Whole House Filtration, or Under Sink FiltrationWhole House Filtration Protects All Your Appliances

Why choose a whole house filtration system over an under sink filtration system? well, let’s face it, you likely use water in more then one place in your house. An under sink filtration system may give you good quality water from the kitchen sink, but you don’t brush your teeth in the kitchen, do you?

A whole house filtration system filters all the water going into your house. All the sinks, the showers and tubs, the appliances, and even the toilet will have good water. Why does that mater? because sediment that is filtered out by a filtration system can clog up nozzles in toilets, shower heads and dishwashers. It can corrode clothes washers, and water heaters. The mineralization can coat tiles, and faucets. Simply put, bad water can cause all sorts of problems with your appliances, and water using parts of your home.

A whole house filtration system may cost more money up front, but it also protects more thing in your home. Having a whole house filtration system can save you money in the long run by extending the life of almost everything in your home that water flows through.
If you are in the Southwest Florida area, Crystal Clear Water can come by and talk to you about the best system for your home and budget. Give us a call, and get great quality drinking water in your home.

Published: August 9, 2017
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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