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Is Southwest Florida City Water Wrecking Your Home?

We all know that Southwest Florida city water isn’t the best tasting, but did you know it may be ruining your appliances as well? I recently met a family that lives in south Cape Coral who was buying 2 of those 24 counts of bottled water at the grocery store per week. That is around $80 per month in bottled water (and an enormous amount of plastic in our landfills every year).

Mineralization Wrecks Faucets

Southwest Florida City WaterAs I spoke with this family, the father told me that they have to replace all of their shower heads and faucets yearly because the mineralization in the water makes them run horribly after a while. He said they clean them once, and then they replace them. Typical Southwest Florida Tap Water contains calcium and magnesium that leaves deposits on faucets and other surfaces (called Lime or Lime scale). Usually this can be cleaned off, but some people like to replace mineralized faucets.

Hard Water Ruins Your Appliances

Those same scale deposits that are causing problems to this families faucets, also hurt their appliances. These mineral deposits can cause problems with water heaters, ice makers, dishwashers and laundry machines. In fact, some studies have shown that hard water causes these appliances to wear out more then 30% faster. As appliances wear out, they become less efficient. Your water heater has to work harder (and your electric bill goes up) as mineral sediment builds up inside of it.

Hard Water also reduces the efficiency of your washing machine. Your clothes begin to get dingy, and eventually become ruined by the mineral deposits in the fabric.

Iron Wrecks Your Exterior

Some water picks up iron deposits from the pipes it goes through to get to your home. These iron deposits make them selves known by leaving reddish (or rust) colored stains both inside your house (in your toilet, or tub) and outside where sprinklers spray the iron deposits on your driveway, sidewalk or even walls. If you have been wondering why your Southwest Florida City Water has been leaving rust stains on the outside of your home that you need to have pressure washed off occasionally, it is because of these iron deposits in the water.

Sulfur Wrecks Your Serenity

Another problem we have in Southwest Florida is sulfur. Although, sulfur is more of a problem with well water then with city water. I do have a friend that has a nice piece of property that used to be on a well, and then the city came by and graciously hooked them up to city water and sewer… However, they kept the well for watering the rather large lot they own and the gardens that they keep on it. The gardens are truly beautiful and taking a walk in their gardens is a very pleasant experience until the sprinklers kick on. The sulfur in the well water is enough to turn your stomach.

Whether you have Southwest Florida City Water, or Well Water, Crystal Clear Water has a water treatment system for you. In most cases, our systems are cheaper in the long run then buying water and replacing appliances. So give us a call, and we can send someone out to your home to evaluate your water needs and set you up with a system that will make everything better.

Published: July 24, 2017
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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