Southwest Florida Water: Life in the Tropics

It is no surprise that living in Southwest Florida, water is a part of your life. Water is everywhere. From the temperate waters of the Gulf of Mexico to our abundance of rivers and canals, to our 56 inches of Average annual precipitation, if you live in Southwest Florida and don’t enjoy water, you live in the wrong place.

Southwest Florida Water for Fun

With Southwest Florida’s amazing climate, there are activities that you can do on the water all year long. From boating and sailing to paddle boarding, kayaking and wind surfing, to snorkeling and scuba diving. If it can be done in the water, Southwest Florida is the place to do it. (If you enjoy scuba diving, and haven’t yet been to the Naples Spring, AKA “The Black Hole”, it is something to see. There is also the Captiva Blue Hole as well as numerous sunken ships and artificial reefs to explore.)

Southwest Florida Water for Sustenance

Southwest Florida waterI don’t know many people in Southwest Florida who have never been fishing. Whether you like to fish for sport, or are trying to catch dinner, there are an abundance of places to find fish in Southwest Florida waters. You could cast a line for redfish in the waters around 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge, or head out to sea for Grouper or Tarpon. Whatever you like to cast a line for, you can find it is Southwest Florida.

The abundant rainfall in Southwest Florida also makes gardening a dream. Unlike some places where it is cheaper to buy your fruits and vegetables then to irrigate your garden, Southwest Florida water falls from the sky on a regular basis. Many people that don’t garden still have citrus, mango and avocado trees in their yards. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish make for great healthy dinners brought to you by Southwest Florida water.

Southwest Florida Water for Ambiance

Southwest Florida has an easy laid-back feeling. I tend to think that Southwest Florida water has a lot to do with that. It creates an ambience of relaxation. Whether you are laying out on of the amazing beaches, eating at an incredible waterfront restaurant, or just floating around in your own pool, Southwest Florida water is relaxing and peaceful.

Southwest Florida Water is Life

Over half of the adult human body is made up of water. Maybe that is why we love living in a place where water is such a large part of life. But although we may love to live and play in the waters around Southwest Florida, the Gulf and the Rivers aren’t the best place to get a cool drink. Luckily, Crystal Clear Water is in Southwest Florida as well. We have water purification systems that can make sure the water you use for cooking, cleaning and drinking is the best quality water you can fin in Southwest Florida. Let us come out to your home and test your water. Whether you have a well system, or use city water, we can make your Southwest Florida water better.

Published: October 18, 2019
Author: Crystal Clear Water
Categories : News