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Why Does Southwest Florida Well Water Smell So Bad?
Man covering his nose due to smelly well water

Clean, cool water – there’s nothing more refreshing on a hot Florida day. For those who drink southwest Florida well water an icy glass isn’t as refreshing as they’d prefer if your well water has a distinct odor to it. Although generally safe to drink, there are a few things that you can do to make your water more palatable.

What causes odor in southwest Florida well water?

If you notice the smell in all your water, it’s probably sulfur bacteria or hydrogen sulfide gas in the water supply. If you only notice the distinctive smell when you’re using your hot water for showers or washing clothes, then the contamination might be in your hot water heater and you may need a water filtration system from Crystal Clear.Many wells leech sulfur from the ground around them, passing the gas along to the water in the well. You may notice that your clothing begins to take on a smell of rotten eggs, and even your dishwasher and shower have the odor. Although in most cases your water will be safe to drink, a rotten egg smell can be a sign of dangerous water contamination

What are problems associated with hydrogen sulfide?

Beyond the obviously unpleasant odor that surrounds your shower or makes your ice and water taste off, hydrogen sulfide bacteria in your water supply can lead to plumbing damage. The chemical corrodes many different types of metal and causes black stains on plumbing fixtures. Even if you become used to the slight smell of your water, you should still consider water treatment to preserve the look and integrity of your pipes and porcelain.

Health problems, too, may occur with sulfur-smelling water. In most cases the unpleasant gas isn’t physically harmful; in others, it indicates sewage or other contaminants in your water supply. Because the odor from harmful sewage-tainted water and harmless sulfur-smelling water is the same, it is always best to have your water inspected and treated to avoid illness.

How can water filtration improve southwest Florida well water?

Choosing good water filtration and service can make a large impact on your family’s overall quality of life. From the taste and smell of clean water to the confidence of knowing that your clothing and dishes smell fresh instead of stale, water filtration from a reputable company such as Crystal Clear Water will add enjoyment to every sip and shower.

Removing the unpleasant odor of sulfur from your southwest Florida well water isn’t the only benefit to a good water filtration system. You’ll rest easy knowing that your water supply is free from harmful contaminants and chemicals that could be making you, your family, and your pets ill. When you choose service from Crystal Clear, you know that you’re receiving a professional evaluation and a water detoxification using leading-edge technology.

The correct water system doesn’t just stop at installation. Your warranty protects your equipment and repairs, as well as ensures that if your water becomes sulfurous again, you’ll have prompt service to correct the problem. Our unique Gen 5 Sulfur Eliminator is highly effective in removing sulfur odors commonly associated with problematic well water. Give us a call or visit us online for a free consultation and see how the right equipment can help you.

Published: March 30, 2018
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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