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Is Well Water Safe? How To Know For Sure

While most people get their drinking water from the regulated community supplies, there is a fraction of them that get their water from their private wells on their property. Since this water is not treated, home owners should pay closer attention to ensure that the water is safe for drinking. While most people might think that ground water is safe for drinking it contains elements that it picks up from the rocks. Pollutants such as chemicals might seep into the ground water. It might also collect micro-organisms, and heavy metals such as copper, lead and fluoride from the rocks. This make the water unsafe for consumption.

Drinking contaminated well water can cause diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. The contaminants are also known to cause potentially serious health problems such as kidney disorder, brain damage and cancer. For babies the nitrates found in well water can be hazardous since they disrupt the oxygen flow in the blood. Annual testing of the well water alone is not enough. Experts advise use of a water filtration system to ensure you have safe drinking water.

Reasons to consider a water filter

is well water safe?Water filters promote healthy living by removing the impurities found in well water and providing your family with safe clean water for drinking. The healthy benefits that you will enjoy from drinking filtered water are worth the expense. Below are the top benefits that you enjoy from installing a water filter.

1. Better tasting water

Water should be tasteless and odorless however the elements collected from the rocks by the water as it seeps through cab cause it to have a foul smell and taste. The experience of drinking foul smelling water is not pleasant. The water filtration system, will clean away all the contaminants leaving you with safe water that tastes much better. A little known fact is that water contains some minerals that are healthy for your body but at certain amounts. A proper water filter will selectively remove the dangerous contaminants and retain the healthy minerals as well as establish the right pH of your water.

2. Removal of heavy metals

One of the metals that is most common in well water is lead. Lead can be dangerous especially when it is consumed over a prolonged period of time. Lead had terrible health effects especially in children with still developing brain. When the brain cells absorb lead, they affect the frontal cortex that is essential to memory and learning. To protect your entire family from lead poisoning it is therefore vital to have a water filtration system installed.

3. Reduce the risk of cancer

According to research, certain cancer causing by products that are found in well water can be removed by using the proper water filtration system. By using a proper water filter you can reduce your chances of getting certain cancers such as rectal, bladder and colon cancers.

Your home water filtration system might be your last line of defense against toxins that might be present in well water. With a water filter, you have peace of mind that your family is well protected.

Published: April 15, 2017
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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