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5 Water Quality Questions For House Hunters

When you are house hunting and purchasing a new home, many questions arise for the real estate agent. Asking about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and if there is a Home Owner Association fee are among the top asked questions for new home buyers. The questions that are not asked enough are regarding the water supply to their new forever home. Water is essential to survival, and knowing what is in your home’s water will protect not only your family but also the house and its appliances. We have compiled the top 5 essential water questions for house hunters to ask on their search for their new dream home.

How do I know my home’s water quality is good?

A free water test from a local provider can give you insight into many aspects about your water. Contact Crystal Clear for a free in-home test and discover if you have hard water, iron present in your water, as well as other contaminants. Sulfur, tannins, nitrates, and pH are among the other tested contaminants and characteristics involved in our free test. We also offer the “Complete Water Test,” which tests for ten different contaminants plus pH levels. We also urge homeowners to send a sample of their water to our lab for analysis for bacteria and lead presence. Testing for these two components require a lab analysis and cannot be tested on-site.

Why should I be concerned about hard water?

In short, hard water causes spotty dishes, mineral build-up on faucets and appliances, skin irritants, and creates trouble with cleaning your clothes. It will take more soap than average to develop a “sudsy” rinse for proper cleaning of clothes, dishes, hair, and body, and may leave behind a film that is unpleasant to touch.

Should I be concerned about iron and sulfur in my water?

If Iron and hydrogen sulfide gases are present in your water, a rotten egg smell is released when your water is running. This unpleasant smell winds up in the drinking water, deterring most from wanting to drink water, which is essential in our diet. Simple over the faucet water filters are not strong enough to filter out the smell in most cases. These contaminants also cause yellow and rust-colored water, as well as rust stains on drains, faucets, sink, and tubs.

Is a home filtration system going to be a benefit for my new home?

When a home filtration system is used, the majority of the impurities are removed from your drinking water and create safer drinking water for you and your loved ones. Filtered water will also improve the taste of your water and water-based consumables such as teas, coffees, and soups. Without the harsh chemicals and minerals building up, your water will look and taste as it is meant to – pure, clear, and tasteless. With under the sink and whole-house systems available, Crystal Clear has flexible options for every home buyer.

Crystal Clear offers home filtration systems with Reverse Osmosis, which is proven to remove 99% of all water impurities. Chemicals that were intentionally added to water in the treatment plants can still be harmful to the consumer, and Crystal Clear Water vows to keep your health a priority here in your new southwest Florida home. Should you find your water has iron or sulfur present, call us today to look into our sulfur filtration systems. In addition, water softeners are available in our stores to help ease the inconvenience of hard water running through your home. Crystal Clear Water is truly the one-stop-shop for homeowners’ needs! Call us today to set up your first step -water testing!

Published: January 6, 2020
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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