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How To Improve Your Water Quality – Two Simple Steps
improve your water quality in two steps

How To Improve Your Water Quality – Two Easy Steps

Water quality in America is a more significant problem, then most people recognize. In Florida, we are in tune with the news scanning for contaminants such as blue algae, bacteria, sulfur, and other pollutants that tend to tint our water supply. What if you could have peace of mind about your water every day? Imagine never having to listen to news broadcasting about water contaminants and boil alerts, because your water is safe and pure. With Crystal Clear Water Purification Systems, you can have that peace of mind in two easy steps!

Step 1: Water Testing

Crystal Clear offers water testing for various contaminants in residential and commercial buildings. Our testing is FHA/VA loan suitable, and those with well water can receive well testing and certification also. There are two tests that you can choose from when Crystal Clear comes to your home or office for testing. The simple water test will check for sulfur, iron, hardness, tannins, nitrates, and pH levels. This water test will allow Crystal Clear to inform you on the levels of primary contaminants within your water supply, and advise you on solutions for purer water to run through your home or building.

Crystal Clear also offers the ‘Complete Water Test.’ This testing and sampling will involve sending a sample of your water to the lab to receive a more in-depth analysis. The ‘Complete Water Test’ will test for over ten harsh water contaminants and the pH level of your water. With this detailed report of findings from your water, you will receive answers to many of the frequently asked questions. Time and time again, we are asked: “is my water safe”? The answer is impossible to answer without a detailed lab analysis of the water components; however, if you are asking any of the following questions, your water should undergo testing more than once a year to determine the safety of your water.

• Why are their unexplained illnesses in my family?
• Why does my water taste, smell, or look different?
• There was a fuel or chemical spill near my home, is my water safe?
• My well system was repaired or replaced, is my water safe to drink?
• My neighbors found contaminants in their water, is my water contaminated also?

Step 2: Reverse Osmosis Systems

After receiving a water test to determine what has been contaminating your water and diminishing the quality of your household water, the next step is investing in a reverse osmosis system. Reverse Osmosis (RO) forces pressurized water through a membrane filtration system. The membrane pores operate to only allow the pure water (Hydrogen and oxygen molecules) through the membrane while retaining the dissolved chemicals within the outer side of the membrane. No chemicals or pollutants are required to process or “clean” your water. RO is a natural filtration process that simply allows the movement of water across a membrane to purify your water.

The RO systems offered at Crystal Clear include Whole House Reverse Osmosis Units, as well as Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis Units. As the names imply, Whole House Reverse Osmosis systems will purify the water through the pipes and faucets throughout the home, while the Under-Sink RO systems purify that particular faucet. The Whole House System will allow the water you drink, clean, and bathe in to become purified, colorless, odorless, tasteless, pure water while the Under- Sink RO system will do the same for that one faucet (typically a kitchen sink, where you would also fill a drinking cup).

Crystal Clear’s Reverse Osmosis system uses minimum water, less electricity, and includes a lifetime warranty and 100% money-back guarantee. Call or visit our showroom today to learn more about our systems and take step one toward purer water!

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Published: March 23, 2020
Author: Crystal Clear Water
Categories : Water Facts