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Water in Our Daily Lives
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Water in our Daily Lives

Water is a vital part of our everyday life. We use it to wash our hands or to go to the bathroom or even to cook dinner. It is an essential aspect of our life, and we would not be able to survive without it. The average person uses an estimated 100-160 gallons of water in a day for indoor house use. We use 4 trillion cubic meters of freshwater globally a year! Without water, our day to day functions would not be the same.

The bulk of our world’s water comes from agriculture, industry, and electricity. In our households, we use the most water through toilets, showers, faucets, and washing machines. Most people do not realize the amount of water being consumed in their household until there is none. In Florida, during hurricane season, we may experience power outages, which result in no running water. During these times, it isn’t easy for our daily tasks. Realizing the water consumption we have daily is a big step to helping our planet.

Studies say we should be drinking 11-16 cups of water a day, which is approximately 2.5-3.7 liters of water! Many people find this challenging, but if you always had clean tasting water at your fingertips, you would drink more water!



Our bodies require water to function correctly and to stay healthy. Water makes up to 60% of our bodies. It does very how much water is in specific parts of our body, such as our brain, hearts, lungs, skin, muscles, kidneys, and bones.

A great way to increase that consumption of water you drink in a day is by making sure it tastes clean. Getting your water tested regularly is a must for your home, especially in Florida. At Crystal Clear Water, our priority is to make sure your water is safe for you and your family to drink! If you suspect you may have trouble with your water, we will come to your home and perform a simple water test. We will check for sulfur, iron, harness, tannins, nitrates, and pH. These tests will help us determine what changes need to happen to your current water system. You may need a new water system or a new filter. Water filters remove elements that cause your water to have an unpleasant taste and smell. This could be from lead, chlorine, or bacteria.


Household Uses

We use water every day in our average households. Many examples would be through simple tasks like washing your hands or brushing your teeth. Some other functions like using the bathroom and taking a shower may be taken for granted because they use a lot of running water. Need the convenience of a washing machine? That also takes water! Simple tasks through our day-to-day lives that we do not realize are taking the most from our natural resources.

There are many ways to limit the consumption of the water you use in your home. One way is through updating your water systems. Getting a whole house water filter provides clean water throughout your home. At Crystal Clear Water, our most popular whole house water filtration system is the reverse osmosis system. This process removes 99.8% of the chemicals in your water. It also removes hardness from your water, eliminating limescale formation on bath fixtures, in pipes, and the water heater. With the use of reverse osmosis, dishwashers will last longer, and dishes rinse spot-free. The scale that builds up on showers and bath fixtures will be gone. And most importantly, your water will taste better and is better for you!


Well Water

If your home is on well water, you also have options for water filtration. When it comes to well water, there are a few dangers. The most important to note is that it can contain bacteria, lead, arsenic, chromium 6, mercury, radon, or volatile organic compounds. It is crucial to block these containments from entering your home water system. Contaminate levels and thresholds for safe water can change over time. Getting a water purification system can keep you safe and healthy and keep your mind at ease! Contact our professionals at Crystal Clear Water here to get your water tested!


Overall, trying to save water is a great way to decrease your energy bill as well as help our planet! With the increase in the usage of fresh water, we are limiting our natural resources. We can take the needed steps to help! Installing a new water system is a great way to ensure you are using clean water. This will also decrease the amount of water you are using daily.

For more information on Crystal Clear’s water purification systems, give us a call at (239) 599-8873. We offer a free water analysis. Concerned you may have issues with your water? Give us a call and schedule your free analysis today!


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Published: July 20, 2020
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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