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How Your Water Treatment Helps the Environment
Water Treatment Systems Help the environment

How Your Water Treatment Helps the Environment

Once you get a water treatment system for your home, other water may taste a little off. As you start to use this water on a regular basis, it is easy to see all the benefits that come along with it. From a better taste, feeling healthier, cleaner appliances, and creating more efficiency in your home, you will love your water treatment system. There are several different systems to choose from.
Some common systems that you may consider for your home are:

Iron filter systems

How do you know if you have iron in your water? You may notice a reddish tint or a rusty look to it. These particles tend to sink to the bottom of your cup, making your water look far from clean. Iron also has the ability to leave stains on clothing and fixtures in your home. These systems work to remove the bad taste and smell of your water. If you choose to put an iron filter system in, you will notice a serious difference in the cleanliness and clarity of your water.

UV water stabilizer

The most important aspect of our drinking water is knowing what is in it. If we have the ability to remove harmful chemicals and contaminants, we should learn how. A UV water stabilizer uses UV light to kill bacteria and contaminants from drinking water. It sends a lethal dose towards the microorganisms so that they can no longer reproduce. This is a great way to kill the bacteria before drinking any of your water.

Sulfur Filtering Systems

If you have sulfur in your water, you will be able to tell pretty quickly. The smell of sulfur is pungent (that to rotten eggs) and something easy to detect. Sulfur has the ability to travel underground as well as through different bacteria. A sulfur filtering system can expose the hydrogen to oxygen. At that point, it changes it into particles and can filter out of the drinking water.

Reverse osmosis

RO’s job is to de-mineralize water. It works to remove sediment and chlorine from your water before drinking it. These systems have a semipermeable membrane to get all sorts of dissolved particles out of your water. Some are so small, you would never even know that they were in your water. These systems will make a huge difference in your quality of water.

All these systems can work to produce cleaner and healthier drinking water. So how do these systems help other aspects of your life? Other than in your home, have you realized what cleaner drinking water can do for the environment?

Alternatives to Plastic

Most of us would agree that we have had several plastic water bottles in our home throughout our lives. Whether we bought them or someone else purchased them, they are present in our homes. Why? They are easy to grab, convenient, and we trust them! Trust is a big deal when it comes to what we put in our bodies. It is easy to believe that these bottles of water are clean. clear and healthy for our family. We don’t question what is in the water, where it came from, or what contaminants were once in it. We tend to measure cleanliness with taste; which can be deceiving.

But ask yourself, what if I could have that in my home? What if I could drink, cook with, bathe in clean water in my home? Not only will this save you money on buying cases of water, but you will also be helping the environment. Studies show that Americans buy well over 20 billion plastic water bottles in a year! With all those bottles, only 1 in 6 are being recycled and the rest end up in a landfill. As we see the negative affects these bottles have on the environment, we also know that bottled water purchases, continue to rise 10% each year.

Some Facts about plastic bottles:
-80% of plastic bottles tend to end up in a landfill.
-Each individual bottle has the capability to leak harmful chemicals into the earth.
-It takes 700-1,000 years for each bottle to decompose.
-Chemicals from the decomposing bottles can cause a variety of health issues to our community.
– It takes almost 2,000 times more energy to produce bottled water than tap water

These are real stats of plastic bottles in our country. Landfills continue to fill up when there are solutions to this problem! Having a water treatment in your home, allows you to use reusable bottles instead of purchasing more plastic.

Water Conservation

This is another amazing concept of how water treatment systems can help the environment. You will notice that you will actually use less water than normal. Although these systems are always working, you will have water that gets stored in a tank. As you use the water, the tank refills. This way you are using a certain amount of water instead of wasting the remains of it.

So which water treatment system is going to fit your home and lifestyle best? There are several options to choose from and you can explore our website to see what would help your water quality go up! If you have questions, reach out to our team and we will do our best to find you the best system for your home.

Published: September 7, 2020
Author: Crystal Clear Water
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