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Boost your Immunity with High Quality Water
boost immunity high quality water

This year has brought several different health concerns around our nation. We are all looking for ways to stay healthy. Did you know that you can boost your immunity with high-quality water, among other things? It is more important now than ever to do what we can to keep our families healthy. What are you doing daily to boost your immunity?

How Water Can Help your Health

First off, how much water are you drinking a day? Like most of us, there is a good chance you are not drinking enough. Water can do so much for our bodies. Waterworks by carrying oxygen to your body’s cells, which helps you function in the best way! It is also very important in removing the unwanted toxins in your body. It is crucial to your day that you are drinking enough to get rid of anything that shouldn’t be in your body. These unwanted toxins and chemicals can have a serious effect on your immune system.

But we don’t stop at simply drinking the water. One other major aspect of water is how you are using it externally. Washing your hands, your body, your hair; is all-important to staying healthy. When you have high-quality water in your home, it can help your body inside and outside. You are literally washing away all the germs and bacteria from your body, and you need to do so often throughout the day. Do not run to your hand sanitizer every time if you have high-quality water and anti-bacterial soap handy.

Dehydration Can Affect your Health

We all know that dehydration has a negative impact on your body, but what exactly does it do? To start, you should know that our bodies are 70% water. That means if we are not doing our part to keep that 70% up (and with high-quality water), you are hurting our immune systems. Dehydration is when your body is exerting more fluids than it is taking in. It is very common yet can be life-threatening if it is at a dangerous level.
You may experience dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, and other serious symptoms. If you are not drinking enough and become dehydrated, it can also elevate other symptoms. To maintain a healthy immune system, it is very important that you stay hydrated all day long. Be sure to carry around your water bottle and do your best always to have water available to you throughout your day.

Why the Quality of Water Matters

You may be doing your best to drink more water than normal. You may have your water bottle on you at all times! But what kind of water are you drinking and why is that important?
The quality of water has everything to do with your health. When you put anything into your body, you want to make sure that it is clean, pure, and free of toxins. Hundreds of contaminants could be living in your water without you knowing.
Do you have well water? Do you use city water? Do you notice an odd smell with your water? Have you seen particles or a color in your cup when you get something to drink? These are things sot ask yourself when you are questioning the quality of your water.
The first thing to do is to get your water tested. We can come out and run a test so we can assess the quality of your water. If there are contaminants or particles, then there are easy steps and systems that can help! Water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and several other options are available for you! Ensure that the water you and your family are drinking is high quality so you can stay healthy!

Other Natural Ways to Boost your Immunity

While you are drinking more water, you can do some other things to help your immunity.

1. Add some mint to your water. Did you know that mint works as an anti-inflammatory and can also bring more antioxidants to your diet? It is refreshing and a great way to boost your immune system with the water you are already drinking. Oh, and it brightens up your skin as well!

2. Grab some lemons and add those to your water! Not only does lemon create a fresh and fruity twist to your water, but it also brings vitamin C and potassium.

3. Be sure to get 30 minutes in a day of moving your body! Exercise is so crucial to maintaining a healthy immune system. Get your heart pumping and your joints moving!

4. The importance of sleep is something that people often forget. When you are not sleeping, it impacts your immune system and can go into attack mode when you are fighting something off. The best thing you can do when you are not feeling well is doing what you can to rest!

As you are going through these next few months, be sure to take these tips to stay as healthy as possible! Drink water, get out and move your body, and make sure you are mindful of what you are putting in your body! Have a safe and enjoyable December!

Published: December 7, 2020
Author: Crystal Clear Water
Categories : Water Facts