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Is it Time to Schedule a Water Test?
dirty water from faucet needs water testing

Is it Time to Schedule a Water Test? 

The average human needs about 2 – 2.5 liters of water a day. That’s a large soda bottle of water per person a day. That’s also 2 liters of opportunity to consume dirty water. Many of us will just fill up a glass from the tap. But do you know that the water in your cup is safe? 

The water running through your space is not always as safe for you as you would think. Of course, if you turn on the tap and see black water, you wouldn’t drink it. But even clear water can be full of unseen contaminants. Chemicals, bacteria, and viruses may lurk within your pipes as we speak. So how do you find out? And how do you know when it is time to test your water? 

Our trained team at Crystal Clear Water is ready to schedule your water test today. We can test your water at any time, but we recommend you test at least every 6 months. We also recommend testing your water under the following circumstances. Unexplained illnesses, a change in your water, or a nearby chemical spill are all reasons to call us. But this list is not conclusive. They are many other signs to look for to keep yourself safe from unclean water. 

Signs to Watch For

Below is a list of signs to be on the lookout for when thinking about getting your water tested. This list does not include every possible scenario. But it does consider the major situations you may experience. Remember, we recommend a water test every six months. But if any of these signs arise, get your water tested sooner. You may be at risk of bacterial or viral infection. 

Unexplained Illnesses

If you have been sick more often lately and have no idea why the problem may be your water. The water in your pipes may be turbid. Turbid water is thick with materials that do not dissolve. These materials may be contaminants, minerals, or solids. There have been a few case studies on tap water in different areas. The case studies showed that turbid tap water leads to nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach. These symptoms were more common in children.  

Waterborne illnesses may also be silently lurking in your water. Cholera and dysentery are waterborne illnesses that may mimic food poisoning at first. But these diseases can be very serious very quickly. Though they are more common in developing nations than in Southwest Florida. Parasites like Cryptosporidium also live in water. 

To confirm parasites, bacteria, or viruses, you will need lab testing. Crystal Clear Water will still perform the test. But we will need to send your sample out for testing. 

After Well Repair or Replacement 

You should have your water tested after all well maintenance. Repairing or replacing pump parts may lead to contaminated well water. To be on the safe side, always schedule a water test after well maintenance. The maintenance on the well could stir up latent bacteria in the area. It could also disturb sediment and lead to turbid water. 

Sudden Changes in Your Tap Water 

Sudden changes in your tap water are certainly worrisome. These changes may be in color, clarity, taste, or smell. You may notice a chlorine smell coming from your cup. If you do, pour that water down the drain and call us at (239) 599-8873 to schedule your water test. 

Changes in your water can mean there are contaminants. Contaminants can be anything. Minerals, bacteria, solids, or even rust from old pipes. All these contaminants can exist in clear water. So it’s important to pay attention to the other qualities of your water, too. 

Nearby Chemical Spill 

If there is a chemical or fuel spill nearby, the city will alert you. If you are on well water, you may not feel the effects. But water that comes from groundwater reservoirs is more prone to contamination. This is because the chemical or fuel absorbs through the ground into the water. That water is then pumped into your pipes through the city. In the event of contaminated city water, a nonpotable water order goes out. 

Even if you do not believe your water is at risk during a local spill, test anyway. You never know how far-reaching the spill is. It is always better to test and know than not test and get sick. 

The Neighbor’s Water Came Back Dirty

If your neighbor lets you know that they had unclean water test results, you should test. Even if you and your neighbor use different wells. The contaminates in their water can easily travel through the soil from their well to yours. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites are smaller than the eye can see. They can travel in even the smallest amounts of water. Unclean well water from your neighbor can leak into the groundwater between your homes. That water can then leak into your well. This process contaminates your drinking water.

Your Clothes Get Dirtier After Washing

Do your clothes come out of the washer dirtier than when they went in? You might have hard water. Hard water is a common problem in Southwest Florida. Groundwater that travels over limescale becomes hard. It collects minerals like calcium carbonate and magnesium to make it hard. 

Hard water does not have negative health effects. But it does have a ton of negative effects on your home or commercial space. Hard water can make it difficult to get your clothes clean. This is because the detergent is softening the water. Because it is working as a water softener, it is not cleaning your clothes. 

Hard water also causes limescale build-up on pipes, faucets, and showers. Limescale is white or pale yellow in appearance. It often looks like dried milk. If limescale goes untreated, it may turn green and corrode the surface it is on. 

What to Do with the Test Results 

Unless your results come back squeaky clean, you will need to make some changes. Dirty water or even just hard water needs treatment. Crystal Clear Water Systems can help you get the cleanest water possible. 

We offer several different water purification systems. Our best systems are the reverse osmosis filtration systems. We have two, the whole house system and the under the sink system. If you have hard water, we recommend the whole house system. This will save your appliances and bathroom from limescale and soap scum build-up. 

We can also help you end hard water problems. Limescale and dirty clothes will be a thing of the past after Crystal Clear Water finishes the job. But it all starts with a water test. Call us at (239) 599-8873 today to schedule yours. We also repair and replace water pumps and offer well maintenance. 

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Published: June 22, 2020
Author: Crystal Clear Water
Categories : Water Facts